why our 600+ members love the cooking club!

We are so grateful to have been referred to Natalie Cooks! We were in a total food rut, eating convenience foods and snacking way too much. It turns out we were just missing flavor and variety! The grocery lists, meal prep and substitution suggestions and delicious recipes have truly revolutionized our eating. We love eating at home and have made meal prepping together a Sunday afternoon ritual. We wait like little kids for the Thursday recipe release and immediately start planning the next week’s meals. We are beyond grateful for Natalie!

Jen R.

Best $ I have spent on myself. I love not having to think of what to cook each week, and the past recipes are fun to peruse. Everything I have cooked so far has been easy because of the detailed grocery lists and prep instructions. I have been able to accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free diets with no problems.10/10!

Larissa B.

I have been a member of your cooking club for a few weeks now and am loving it so much! Every time make something from your recipes my family comments that it is delicious. I love your nutritious recipes making use of fresh herbs and spices. I love your healthier sweet treats as well. Your video tutorials are SO incredibly helpful!

Sarah H.

I was hesitant at first to belong to the Cooking Club. I didn’t think I would use it much due to various factors. While I don’t make every recipe, every week, I find myself going to Natalie’s website every day for inspiration, past week’s menus and tips and tricks for everything including toasting nuts, cutting tricky vegetables, grating ginger, how to store meals/food and so much more! She makes everything so easy that I am cooking more and diversifying my meals!

Ashley D.

I love this cooking club! The recipes are wonderful and easy to adapt to individual tastes (such as using tofu or alternate proteins). I love the “mix and match” aspect in that you can make one of Natalies sauces and use it all week in many different ways. I am eating healthier and actually spending less time in the kitchen and less time in the grocery store and she has taught be how to be more organized in preparing food for several days at a time. I highly recommend Natalie’s Cooking Club.

Sharon B.

I’m so stoked I found Natalie and her cooking club. We are a family of four and like to cook. Half of the battle is organizing what we are going to eat for the week. I love that her cooking meals and prep are efficient, seasonal and inspirational. Do my kids eat everything? No, but they try and are introduced to stuff. When Natalie says it will take 30 minutes, I can trust her. I so appreciate that being a family with two young kids and two professionals. Thanks Natalie!

Emily P.

Natalie’s Cooking Club has been such an inspiring experience and has reignited my passion for cooking. There’s genuine excitement around what’s coming each week. My skills in the kitchen have broadened so much. Natalie also offers structure and organization around the cooking experience. This brings perspective, ease and clarity. I have particularly enjoyed the demonstration videos which bring a quality of professionalism as well as a feeling of connection to Natalie herself. These videos really make it more about the “art of cooking”. In this way, Natalie offers so much more than just a series of recipes and can lead to your feeling like a bit of a budding aficianado in the kitchen!

Sophie V.

I appreciate having whole food that I feel great about cooking for my husband and me. I rarely cook the same thing twice for dinner! We love it!

Jennifer P.

Natalie Cooks Cooking Club is wonderful! Whether you are really into meal prep, or just getting started and need to get out of a dinner or recipe ‘rut’, this has been so wonderful to add to my recipe rotation! I love the seasonal focus, as well as the whole food emphasis. Natalie has options for those that like meat, and those that avoid meat. I am always very excited for the new recipes that come out every week!

Mary G.

The Cooking Club ROCKS! Natalie posts creative recipes each week that make me excited to cook and somehow always outdo the week prior. Thursday is now my favorite day of the week because of the recipe release! You’ll save time, money and energy by joining and cooking these recipes!

Carry M.

The Cooking Club has saved me SO much time meal planning & prepping. The substitutions pages are always very helpful, whether we want to make it less spicy, without meat, don’t have an ingredient, etc. Plus the recipes are broken down into simple steps, making what seems like some fancy meals into easy meals. And lastly, can’t compliment the variety enough! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for offering this!!

Sarah N.

You can tell that Natalie is into this with her heart and soul. I find that very inspiring. This cooking club experience has enriched my skills and excitement about food and cooking. I love the videos. They really bring a professionalism to the art of cooking . And it gives you a sense of connection to Natalie herself.I have learned so much!

Heather S.

This cooking club is genius! Way better than a cookbook because it provides different healthy, whole food recipes each week. I look forward to getting the recipes, meal prep guide, videos, and oh my, the shopping list is such a time-saver for me! I can’t say enough good things about this club. Thank you, Natalie for all the things you do for us members!!!

Deborah J.

The cooking club has allowed me to take a lot of the thinking out of meal preparation, and the groceries are easy to find and inexpensive. It also helps us tries new things which has been fun!

Jean K.

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Natalie Cooks Facebook Group Review
Natalie Cooks Facebook Group Review

I LOVE Natalie’s cooking club!! Natalie’s recipes and guidance are equal parts delicious and achievable. I take a two hours each Sunday to shop and prep meals for my family and me. As a pregnant, working mom, I am thankful that these recipes are nourishing, healthy and taste good.

Sarah B.

I am so glad I joined the Natalie Cooking Club! It has been a game changer having fresh ideas every week, that are mostly veggie based! The shopping list and videos for prep are the best. I now pop on by the store without wandering around and buy only what I need, which has helped me save time and money. The variety is wonderful, and having access to the archives allows me to sub older recipes if I want a swap with the current week. I also like the FB group as you see what others are making and substituions they made. Natalie is very responsive and great at providing solutions for swaps. Definately the best gift I gave myself when I joined!

Cindy F.

I thought I was just getting access to some cool recipes I’d seen on Instagram when I signed up, but this cooking club has simplified my life so much since then! Whenever that thought comes of “what are we going to have for dinner?” There’s always a seasonal, nutritious, interesting, and simple solution in the Cooking Club. My family and I have eaten so well with minimal stress!

Elaine M.

I have been a member for about a month now and have loved it! The recipes and format make meal planning a breeze. The prep also helps a ton. Everything is really good and we are eating more vegetables. Would highly recommmend!

Linda H.

I have cooked with ingredients I never heard of before!! One of my concerns was that we did’t eat enough vegetables. That certainly has been resolved; vegetables morning, noon and night. I am so enjoying the club!!

Suzette H.

I LOVE the Cooking Club! Not only are the recipes super fun and easy, Natalie does an amazing job with easy substitutions and videos so I’m not overwhelmed and can see how easy it is to create the recipes. I’ve also loved the full menu of recipes and videos so if I have an item in my kitchen and I’m looking for inspiration (romanesco for example) I can find a delicious way to use it. I love Natalie’s Cooking Club and highly recommend it!

Ashley D.

I was getting stressed with meal planning and found myself lazily falling back on easy, but boring, and not always healthy meals just because I had no other ideas. Joining this club has taken the pressure off planning meals off my plate! Not only am I spending less at the grocery store (honestly, the focused shopping list is SO SO helpful!), but I am trying all sorts of new wonderful meals that keep me fed for the whole week (and sometimes more!). I’m keeping a binder of all my favorite meals (which is already a lot of them right now). I’ve only done the full prep for all meals once (and boy did it make meals easy that week), but even a little prep can save a lot of time. Definitely worth trying this cooking club out or gifting it to someone who complains about meal planning!

Claire B.

Thank you so much Natalie for the creation of this amazing cooking club! Your recipes have beyond exceeded all exceptions I had and there are so many that I really heavily on your facebook community to guide me on what to cook next. Some of my favorites that are on rotation are Italian Farro Arugula w/beetballs, Sneaky veggie turkey burgers, breakfast burritos, Lemon thyme hummus, vegan veggie soup with spiced oil and so many more. The creativeness of your sauces and dressings if mind blowing and the nutrition that is in every dish is beyond pleasing. I love making so many recipes with seasonal veggies and fruits now (have learned quite a bit from you). The videos and informative questions is just an extra bonus. I am definitely a Natalie Cooking Club fan!!!

Linda R.

I don’t know where I could be without the cooking club, it has saved me time, money and sanity. Not only am I cooking more delicious food than ever before, I am learning how to prep and store ingredients that I previously would never have touch. Thank you Natalie for brining what feels like such a premium personalized service to me in a way that I can afford and follow along with.

Amanda D.

As expected, the recipes are great and the cooking support is wonderful. The true value is how it has encouraged my whole family to try new meals and enjoy different flavors. We are all finding the joy in cooking and good nutritional meals!

Julie D.

Cooking club has changed how I eat! Before I rarely cooked healthy on weeknights, searching my fridge for dinner. Now with the recipes and some easy planned I can eat healthy all week. Planning ahead is saving me time and money, I rarely order take-out anymore, and feel good after I eat. I have more confidence in my cooking and am getting better at healthy techniques.

Rebecca M.

I joined the club wanting to learn a few new dishes. Well, it’s been 16 weeks since I joined and I have learned 50 new dishes. I stopped buying everything in the store and only buy what I need. But the biggest change is that I enjoy eating and cooking again. This is one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

Amy J.

I love the cooking club because I no longer have to spend time scrolling through recipes online. I like being encouraged to try new things and cook recipes I wouldn’t have been able to create myself. Thank you, Natalie.

Cindy B.

Natalie Cooks Facebook Group Review
Natalie Cooks Facebook Group Review
Natalie Cooks Facebook Group Review
Natalie Cooks Facebook Group Review
Natalie Cooks Facebook Group Review
Natalie Cooks Facebook Group Review
Natalie Cooks Facebook Group Review