frequently asked

Read some common questions people have about the cooking club below. If you have any other questions, reach out to Natalie!

What kind of recipes can I expect?

You can expect lots of seasonal vegetable-heavy meals full of healthy fats, whole grains, legumes, nuts, quality meat/seafood, and other real whole food ingredients. I focus on creating plant-based, Mediterranean-style, seasonal meals that focus on cooking with real food ingredients.

All recipes are designed to be balanced, nutritious, and indulgent. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor to eat a healthy diet (quite the opposite!).

In general, one (or none) of the three recipes will have meat or seafood and the other two will be plant-based. For all recipes with meat or seafood, dairy, or gluten, I will give options for substitutions at the bottom of each recipe.


What is Natalie’s food philosophy?

Instead of restricting foods, counting calories or macros, and labeling foods as good or bad, I believe that filling up on all of the nutrient-dense foods I love is the more sustainable route to long-term health and a healthy relationship with food.

I love beets, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and broccoli, but I also love pasta, bread, cheese, meat, and butter. Why can't we have it all? I'm here to show you how you can. It's all about balance people!

By simply learning to cook with real, whole food ingredients, cooking and eating becomes way less stressful, more intentional, and eventually you’ll be able to eat more in tune with what your body needs.


With so many free recipes out there, why pay for this?

Our members find that their membership has saved them a significant amount of money on groceries every month because they are more organized with meal planning, get a pre-made grocery list, and waste way less food (and money).

The cooking club takes away the dreaded question “what am I going to have for dinner tonight?” and does all of the deciding, thinking, and planning for you. The internet has loads of recipes, but is scrolling, pinning, and liking really how you want to spend your time? With the Cooking Club, all you have to do is grocery shop, pick up the recipe, and start cooking. I do all the menu planning and grocery list making so you have more time to take care of you and your life!

You’ll also receive tips and tutorials that will level up your cooking skills.

Plus, the perks! Cooking Club members get access to an exclusive Facebook community where you can post photos of your meals, ask Natalie any recipe or nutrition questions, and chat with other members.

This club is for people who enjoy cooking, want to eat better at home, but run out of ideas or suffer from the decision fatigue of trying to figure out what to eat every night.


What do I get every week?

3-4 recipes (3 dinners, plus the occasional snack, treat, smoothie, etc…)

Grocery list

Meal prep list and guide

Video of Natalie talking highlighting the meals and walking you through the simple prep

Access to private Facebook group

Why only 3 recipes/meals?

Most people don’t like to make 5 different recipes every night of the week. Having 3 meals planned out for you gives you flexibility to make your staple meals, get take-out, or spontaneously go to a friends house for dinner.

How many does each recipe serve?

Each recipe is made to serve 4 people. If there is only one person in your household, you can divide each recipe in half and have leftovers for lunch. If you are two people, follow the recipe and cook for four so you can enjoy leftovers the next day.

What if I am vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free?

I give substitution recommendations for every meal to make it all of the above. You’ll find that most of my meals fit into those categories with easy substitutions if they do not.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel at anytime if you pay monthly. Annual subscriptions have a 14 day deliciously nourished guarantee.

Do I get access to all recipes when I subscribe?

Yes, you can go to the archives, pick any past week, and get the menu, recipes, grocery list, etc…

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Working on making this easier. For now, send me a message at and we will set it up!

What if I have more questions?

Send me (Natalie) an email at with any additional questions (or just to say hello!). I’d love to hear from you!