2023 Cooking Club Gift Guide

BY Natalie - November 24, 2023

Looking for the perfect gift this year?! Check out my list below for some great foodie and wellness ideas! Gift an Annual Cooking Club Membership! Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a whole year of nourishing meals! (Use code GIFTLOVE for $30 off your gift) For the home cook […]

Looking for the perfect gift this year?! Check out my list below for some great foodie and wellness ideas!

Gift an Annual Cooking Club Membership!

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Give the gift of a whole year of nourishing meals!

(Use code GIFTLOVE for $30 off your gift)

For the home cook

Vitamix Blender – This is a must-have for the smoothie and sauce lover. They will think of you every time they use it (all the time)!

NutriBullet – a more compact blender perfect for daily, single-serving smoothies, sauces, and dips! I own this and use it a lot for making small batches of sauces and things.

Classic Super-Fast Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer – for meat eaters, this is the only way to perfectly cook any cut of meat without cutting it open. Also, you can use it to check the temperature of anything!

Made In 8-inch chefs knife – for the friend whose knives are always dull. Treat them to this sleek, handmade, all-purpose chefs knife.

Made In bread knife – for the bread lover or bread baker, this knife is super sharp and beautifully made.

Made In knife set – a complete high quality set that includes a chef’s knife, bread knife, paring knife, and nakiri knife.

Made In knife block – this is the magnetic knife block that I have and love so much. It looks like it is sold out as of now (alternative below).

Material knife block – another knife block option! A beautiful magnetic knife block every serious home chef needs.

Moha Ginger Grater – a practical kitchen tool for anyone who loves ginger!

Full Star Vegetable Chopper – for anyone who hates chopping onions.

12.5-inch cast-iron skillet – for anyone who needs a skillet that can do anything. This is my most used pan for all things (I also have a 10-inch).

Best non-stick skillet – for anyone and everyone who needs a non-stick refresh!

Large wooden cutting board  – every home cook needs a XL cutting board! It’s essential for meal prep and efficiency. This one is the best and it’s beautiful!

Staub 7 Qt Dutch Oven – cookware that will last generations. I use my dutch ovens for soups, braises, and bread baking. They’re true kitchen workhorses and last forever. This larger size is best for families (it also acts as my pasta pot) – opt for the smaller size if cooking for two.

Staub 5.5 Qt Dutch Oven – I usually use this size to make soups to serve four.

Made In 5.5 Qt Dutch Oven – another great and more affordable round Dutch oven option from a company I love. The antique white and ruby red are beautiful!

Universal Pot/Pan Lid – everyone needs this in their kitchen!

Belgian Waffle Maker – for the waffle lovers, this is my favorite waffle maker!

Bee’s wrap – are great for those who are into sustainability and reducing plastic use. I use these reusable food wraps all the time.

Stasher bags – another great plastic saver, these reusable resealable bags come in all different sizes.

Kitchen Conversion Chart – a cheat sheet for the baker or the person who always wants to double or halve recipes!

For the foodies

Fly by Jing Chile Crisp – for spicy food/condiment lovers. This sauce is good on everything and levels up eggs, rice bowls, and so much more.

Graza olive oil – my favorite olive oil for the quality, price, and it comes in a super convenient squeeze bottle. I recommend getting the “drizzle” for drizzling over everything!

Joule sous vide – a great gift for someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen and likes kitchen gadgets. This tool heats water to a specific temperature, creating a warm bath for whatever you want to cook in it. Whatever is hanging out in the water (a halibut steak, ribeye, eggs, potatoes, anything really!) will cook at that exact temperature but never past it, resulting in a never overcooked and always tender result. I own this and haven’t delved deep into it but I look forward to one day!

Food ornaments – I love these cute ornaments (I want the butter stick!). There’s sure to be an ornament in here for your foodie friends.

Gozney Pizza Oven – For all the pizza lovers out there, this is a splurge that is well worth it. I got this as a housewarming gift to myself when we moved to Bend and it makes the most delicious, crispy pizzas in less than 2 minutes. You can bring it camping too!

Maldon flaky salt – for the salt lover (me!)- this is the best finishing salt to sprinkle onto anything from baked goods to salads to avocado toasts!

Soom Tahini – the best tahini there ever was. You don’t even need to turn it into a sauce, it’s so smooth and drizzly – just drizzle it onto meat or veggies with a squeeze of lemon.

Best sauce spoon – for the person who loves to keep it saucy in the kitchen!

Carbon Steel Griddle – for the foodie who loves to make smash burgers and pancakes over a flame!

For the caffeine addicts

Milk frother – this frother makes the frothiest milk ever and heats it up too! Now I can have my weekend cappuccinos at home!

Bialetti espresso pot  – for the coffee lovers who don’t have space for another kitchen appliance (espresso machine). I actually prefer this little stovetop Italian classic.

Mini espresso machine – if you want the machine with a frother, but less bulky!

Coffee maker – for anyone who wants to wake up to the smell of brewed coffee. This is my favorite drip coffee maker.

For the wellness junkies

100 Ways To Change Your Life by Liz Moody – this book is so good and filled with useful tips to improve your life in multiple different categories. Great to keep on the coffee table or incorporate into your morning routine!

Hatch alarm clock – for anyone who hits snooze 10x before getting out of bed – this clock simulates the sun rising for a much better waking up experience especially during the dark winter mornings.

Silk pillowcase – for the skincare and hair care people! Silk pillow cases are great for your skin (and hair) because they absorb less moisture and are just so nice to sleep on! I have two of these.

Slip silk scrunchies – the only hair ties I use! They reduce hair breakage and pulling.

Wrist towels – for the religious face washers and skin care lovers, these wrist towels prevent that annoying water drippage down your arm when you wash your face.

Under eye patches – for anyone who loves a morning skincare routine. These are great for dark or puffy under eyes!

Weighted blanket – for anyone who runs anxious! Weighted blankets are so cozy and calming.

Moon Juice Magnesi-om – a berry flavored magnesium powder to sip on before bed for better sleep and relaxation. I take this almost every night as a night time ritual.

Be Well By Kelly protein powder – the protein powder I currently use and love for smoothies.

Sleep supplement pack – a complete pack of supplements for anyone who struggles with sleep. This supplement brand is my favorite. I also have their Omega-3 supplement and also like their whey protein and collagen peptides.

Ghia Non-Alcoholic Aperitif – for the friend who is all about the mocktails.

For the bakers and dessert lovers

Sweet Enough by Alison Roman – this newly released book is such a gem full of both sweet and savory treats!

Snacking Bakes by Yossy Arefi – for the lazy baker, this is full of recipes that use simple ingredients and come togethe rin one bowl.

What’s For Dessert by Clair Saffitz – for the serious baker who wants to level up!

Brownie edge pan – for anyone who only goes for the edges!

Ice Cream Maker – an essential tool for any ice cream lover.

The Perfect Scoop – for anyone who has an ice cream maker and wants to level up!

Cake dome – for anyone who loves to bake cake or other baked goods. This makes for a beautiful display and also doubles down as a punch bowl.

For the person who loves camping

Kelty love seat – we loooove our kelty love seat!

Stanley camp mug – I use this mug for camping but also every day to keep my tea hot!

Heated socks – for people whose feet are always cold (getting these for my Dad!)

For the fitness people

Stanley quencher water bottle – for the person who loves to stay hydrated! This is the water bottle i use every day. It has a straw, is massive, and insulated!

Hypervolt massage gun – for anyone who suffers from sore muscles.

Bronwen jewelry – this local Bend company makes jewelry built for active people. You can wear them when you work out, swim, and shower. I have several!

Trigger point foam roller – a less expensive and less aggressive option for anyone who suffers from sore muscles.

Peloton bike – for anyone looking to level up their at home workout options. I love my peloton bike!

Raycon bluetooth earbuds – these ear buds are great for gym goers. They stay in and are noise cancelling.

Lulu lemon leggings DUPE – for the yogi’s or legging loverse, these are an inexpensive dupe of the lulu lemon align leggings.

Walking pad – for the friend who always has a step goal!

Bala bangles – for the walker! These angle weights are great for adding some extra cardio into your morning or evening walks.

Yogitoes yoga mat – for the yogi in your life!

A cookbook for everyone

Rise & Run: for the runner friend who always thinks about what they get to eat after their runs, this cookbook is full of nourishing breakfast goodies.

Breakfast. The Cookbook. – for the breakfast lover who likes to try and learn about breakfasts from around the world.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: for a new or seasoned cook who wants to learn the basics of creating a delicious meal.

Food of the Italian South: for the Italian food lover who wants to learn both about the history and food of Southern Italy (my FAVORITE part of Italy!).

Bitter Honey: another Italian cookbook full of recipes and stories from Sardinia.

Cook This Book: fun flavorful recipes from a former Bon Appetit chef!

That Sounds So Good: fun flavorful recipes from another former Bon Appetit chef!

The Flavor Thesaurus: I use this book when I”m trying to think of different flavor combinations. You can look up a food item and it lists other foods it goes well with!

In Bibi’s Kitchen: Grandmothers from eight eastern African countries welcome you into their kitchens to share flavorful recipes and stories of family, love, and tradition.

A Common Table: recipes inspired by her Chinese and Korean heritage and Southern upbringing.

Portico: Cooking and Feasting in Rome’s Jewish Kitchen by Leah Koenig – a fascinating book full of stories, history, and vegetable forward recipes.

Jerusalem: A Cookbook: an authentic collection of recipes from Jerusalem’s melting pot of Muslim, Jewish, Arab, Christian, and Armenian communities.

The Simple Art of Rice: Recipes from Around the World for the Heart of Your Table – for anyone who loves all things rice , this book is full of recipes and stories from around the world.

Make It Japanese: Simple Recipes for Everyone by Rie McClenny – for the Japanese food lover who wants to learn how to make easy Japanese recipes at home!

Food of Northern Thailand: for the Thai food lover!

Cannelle Et Vanille: Bakes Simple: for the gluten-free baker

Six Seasons: for the seasonal eater! Recipes organized and inspired by the seasons

Cool Beans by Joe Yonan: for friends that love legumes, this is a practical guide for all things beans!

Grains for Every Season: for friends that love unique grains!

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