hi, nice to meet you!

Natalie specializes in women’s health and sports nutrition, covering a wide variety of health concerns and goals for busy active professionals like you. This includes meeting nutritional demands surrounding exercise and recovery, hormone balance, and overall energy needs.

a little bit about myself

I have a Master’s degree in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. After graduating, I worked as a Personal Chef and recipe developer in Portland for over 3 years, working with clients that ranged from Olympic athletes to busy professionals to families who needed a little extra help getting dinner on the table. In addition to my vast experience as a personal chef, I worked closely with Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky on their critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling cookbook series, Run Fast. Eat Slow.

My passion for feeding my friends, family, and clients with indulgent, healthy home cooked meals sparked an idea in me: what if I could help others discover how easy it can be to prepare balanced, nourishing recipes in their own homes? And so, the Natalie Cooks Cooking Club was born.

I believe that fueling our bodies with the nutrient-dense foods is a more sustainable route to long-term health and a healthy relationship with food. Instead of restricting one’s diet, either through counting calories or macros, or labeling foods as good versus bad, we can celebrate all the good things that food brings to our lives.

With these accessible recipes, I’ll teach you how easy it is to cook with real, whole food ingredients. After just a few weeks of your membership, you’ll soon see that cooking and eating doesn’t have to be stressful. Through this intentional way of eating, you’ll be more in tune with what your body needs.

Now let’s get cooking!